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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

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After you have completed the multiple choice questions, you will be given a break.

Then begins the hazard perception part of the theory test.

This is a series of 14 video clips shown from the driver's point of view. As soon as you see a hazard, you need to click the screen as soon as possible.

The quicker you see the hazard and click, the higher the score you will receive.

You will receive 20 minutes only for this part of the test.

Our automatic driving instructors carry theory packs and can offer assistance in regards to passing this part of your test.

Automatic Driving Lessons Birmingham

We are one of the best automatic driving schools in Birmingham with fantastic pass rates.

We have spaces to take on new learners who are looking for automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, in all areas of Birmingham, starting immediately. If you are looking for top grade automatic driving instructors, then call to book.

For those learners that need to pass immediately, we offer intensive driving courses in Birmingham. Our automatic driving instructors are experts at teaching you to drive in a short space of time and getting you through your practical driving test.

Automatic Driving Schools Birmingham


Automatic Driving Instructors Birmingham

Intensive Driving Courses Birmingham

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