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Automatic Driving Schools Birmingham | INDEPENDENT DRIVING | Automatic Driving Lessons Birmingham

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

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The independent part of the driving test lasts around 20 minutes.

The aim of this part is for you to drive without being given constant instruction. During this part you may be asked to follow directions from a SAT NAV.

You will have had plenty of opportunity to practice your independent driving during your automatic driving lessons with us. Our automatic driving instructors will prepare you for this so that you have no anxiety or fear when taking your practical driving test.

Automatic Driving Instructors Birmingham

We are one of the best automatic driving schools in Birmingham with fantastic pass rates.

We have spaces to take on new learners who are looking for automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, in all areas of Birmingham, starting immediately. If you are looking for top grade automatic driving instructors, then call to book.

Automatic Driving Schools Birmingham

Automatic Driving Lessons Birmingham

Automatic Driving Instructors Birmingham

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